Why learn to Ride?                           Read Liz's Story
Horseback riding is healthy outdoor fun and great exercise.  Don’t believe us?  
Come try it for yourself at our
Introductory Lesson!

You will learn that riding is:
  • Tons of Fun!
  • More Challenging than you think!

Horseback riding also teaches or builds:
  • compassion
  • confidence
  • communications skills
  • motor planning skills...and more!

Whether young or a little older, with horseback riding your will discover wonderful, new
things about yourself.  We guarantee it!!

Read an article from one of our parents talking about her daughters Liz's horseback
riding lessons experience.  Fascinating!!
"The CHC has
been a terrific
introduction to
riding for our 7
year old daughter.
She was in
mourning when
camp ended and
is soon to go
back for winter
camp." ~ Larcia
It's Time to Ride!!