Do we offer Trail Rides?
No, we do not and for a very good reason.

We believe that learning how to correctly ride and communicate with your horse is so
much more fun, and challenging,  than being a passenger as you will discover.  

Many of our students come to our centers to prepare for a horseback riding adventure
and that is a very good idea. In their riding lessons they learn how to prepare for the
many obstacles on a trail including how to negotiate creeks, logs, steep hills.  

In their lessons they will go out on our beautiful Maryland horseback riding trails and
put their new skills to the test!  And when our students go on their adventure they are
truly prepared for anything they encounter.  

Many students come back wanting to improve their skills by taking more lessons so they
can go on even more challenging trails in the future.  It is just the best feeling when you
and your horse are working as a team!  We guarantee it!

So come on out and try horseback riding at the Center closest to you!
It's Time to Ride!!