Great Equestrian Summer Camps for Kids
Sending your child to our equestrian summer camp in Maryland can be the
perfect way to keep summer boredom away. Your kids will learn how to ride a
horse and a whole lot more!

What the kids learn?
  • In daily riding lessons we teach how to walking, halting and trotting both posting  
    and sitting while controlling the direction of horse
  • How to canter both in half-seat and sitting
  • How to take a small jump
  • Grooming and handling sessions
  • Trail riding (weather & condition dependent)
  • How to be safe and smart around horses

What is extra?
  • Exciting time
  • Opportunity to make new friends (maybe even a horse!)
  • Life long memories

We focus on...
Our summer camp in Maryland is designed for kids, 5 to 16 years of age. Located in
idyllic surroundings, the camp is nothing less than a super-fun place for the kids.

For beginners...
Our Instructors help beginners understand horses in day camp. What students find at
our summer camp, MD is a "hands-on" experience with proper grooming and horse
behavior/nutrition instruction along with two daily riding lessons (one hour each, AM and
PM).  Our lessons are the foundation of the summer camp experience and it is
complimented by demonstrations and interactive lectures on horse care and horse

For ‘experienced’ kids...
Continuity of twice-daily lessons and more individual attention helps kids who have been
in summer camps in MD progress. Students polish their skills by learning difficult
movement under close eye of instructors.

For parents...
We appreciate your concern for the safety of your kids. So we regularly test our school
horses under saddle to ensure they’re the right choice for their level of rider. Your child
will ride a horse that is kind and very tolerant of the mistakes new riders make.

We invite you to visit our summer camps and check out what we say and do.
It's Time to Ride!!