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As parents, we are most concerned about safety when thinking of introducing our children to
the world of horses.  And rightfully so...

The best way to reduce the risk is to find a reputable center who is diligent in its horse
selection, school horse training and employs only highly trained professional
instructors/counselors. Centers use a rigorous set of guidelines and training tools for its
horses, instructors, camp councilors and barn staff.  All instructors and counselors must
attend and participate in the monthly In-House Instructors School conducted to British Horse
Society standards. Our barn staff is well trained in horse care and management.  All barn
staff/instructors/counselors are trained in first aid by the Red Cross every two years.

Also, our school horses are regularly tested under saddle to assure they are appropriate
choices for their level of rider.  What we mean by this is a beginner horse is kind, patient
and very tolerant of the mistakes we make as a new rider.  They have more "whoa" than
"go".  Intermediate horses are kind as well but are a little more sensitive and riders need to
have refined their skills a little bit.  The advanced horses are the most sensitive and will
sometimes exhibit a more frisky attitude.  Your instructor will know what horse is the
appropriate choice for your rider.  

NOTE:  Remember, horses will always be horses and can react quickly to
unexpected situations and stimuli.  
Appropriate riding equipment is a must.  The
most important piece is a riding helmet to protect the head in a fall.  Proper
paddock boots will protect the foot if accidentally stepped on.  Just know that we
can prepare for every situation but the unexpected will occur.

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"My daughter'
experience at
Reddemeade was very
enjoyable. We loved
the atmosphere,
horses and especially
the staff. The only
problem was it was
just too much of a
hike for us . . .. The
only suggestion I
could possibly have
is...could you simply
move it a bit closer?"
S. H.
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